Idiot Overkill

Introducing Vinn Vorson, the Glistening Barbarian!

...on the docks of Maginimar...

Ch. 2 Part 5 – Chasing the Skinsaw

The Heroes of Standpoint land at the docks in Magnimar. Their ship is heavily damaged and taking on water. Crowds of townsfolk are gathered at the docks: some because of the battle they witnessed on the sea between a dragon turtle and heroes, and some because they heard the Heroes of Sandpoint were on their way. In the crowd is a very large and glistening muscular man, a head taller than most men there, with a very large greatsword strapped to his back.


They are attacked by members of the Brotherhood of Seven right as they are getting off the ship and onto the docks. Hwesta‘s sword breaks as he clashes with the man who is obviously the general in charge. When the general shatters Hwesta’s falchion, Vinn leaps between them, allowing Hwesta time to move away and sink a few arrows from Isq into his enemies faces.

The bandits from the Brotherhood of Seven were no match for our party and were brutally dispatched.

Vinn finds a familiar comb on the general and recognizes the craftsmanship as being from his tribe. Perhaps this man was part of the group that killed off his tribe?

Xunal uses pensieve on the general and learns that he was commissioned directly by Xanesha, somewhere in the top of a high tower. One of the walls is a giant clock that you can see through to the city below…

Vinn has been biding his time in Magnimar working as a blacksmith’s apprentice. He is actually quite skilled as a blacksmith, but his primary purpose for being here is to find out who killed his family, and seek justice (in blood) for their deahs. He says he can repair Hwesta’s sword, and he wants them to allow him to join them as he believes they may share a common enemy.

The night ends in the inn while they are having a drink. The group hasn’t fully decided yet if Vinn should join them but all signs point to yes.


maeliosa maeliosa

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