Idiot Overkill

Ch. 1 Part 1 – Festival and Fire

The Swallowtail Festival was being held to consecrate the new cathedral after it was burnt down in the Late Unpleasantness. It is a celebration of moving on from those tragedies. The village square is full of festivities such as games, food, and mass amounts of alcohol. All the local establishments have donated to making it a festival worth remembering.

Four adventurers meet for the first time and together they partake in all of the festivities, particularly the alcohol consumption (for the men). Other than the beer and being visitors to Sandpoint, our adventurers seem to have nothing in common at all.

Binny Zan’Drakuno
A grey-skinned pointy-eared silent beauty by the name of Binny, strapped with various small, sharp weapons…
Raelith Aeridan
A young half-elf maiden who is devoutly religious. Getting her to warm up to you may be harder than castrating an angry orc…
Hwesta Ohtar Kalroo
A ranger with an insatiable appetite for beer and women with a pet dire wolf that never leaves his side…
A drunken, mysterious monk with fists that look like they are made of stone…

As the sun began to set at the festival, Father Zantas took the podium and used a thunderstone to get everyone’s attention for the Prayer of First Dreaming. Unfortunately the thunderstone’s detonation was also the prearranged trigger for a goblin army to attack Sandpoint.


As the goblins invade, you can hear their scratchy voices singing the goblin song. Despite their ability to put a rhyme together, goblins are actually quite stupid. During the battle, many of the goblins were victims of their own ineptitude: accidentally lighting each other on fire, falling off roofs, and drowning in barrels of beer. Goblins also have a hatred towards dogs and horses and sometimes would turn their back on town guards in order to attack the random dog or horse.


The four adventurers band together to save the town, defeating goblin warchiefs and rescuing many people, including a noble aristocrat by the name of Aldern Foxglove…


As the town settles to bed the party is approached by a particularly dangerous looking woman by the name of Ameiko Kaijitsu. Ameiko is the bartender of the Rusty Dragon inn and offers them free room and board for the duration of their stay as a thanks for saving the town.

And so the story begins...
A Little Background
The Late Unpleasantness


The small coastal town of Sandpoint never saw it coming…

…but before we get into that, let’s go back about twenty years and give you some background. Maybe we will even start this story out with a couple of disasters.

Jervis Stoot was a local eccentric in Sandpoint. What made this man eccentric was that he could “see birds” in the wood of the town’s homes, ships, and wagons. In order to set them free, he had to carve them out of the wood. Sometimes he would wander the streets of town for days until he discovered one. His carving skills were so superb, it became a point of pride to “sport a Stoot” on your home.

His decision to move to an unnamed tidal-island just north of the old lighthouse (“Old Light” as the villagers call it) gave the citizens of Sandpoint pause for concern. They were afraid he would break his neck on the cliffs and rocks of this island. His excuse for wanting to move there was so that he could be nearer the local wildlife birds on this island. To ease their worries for him, the local carpenter’s guild built a staircase into the cliffs leading up to his house so that he could safely come and go as he pleased. Over the course of the 15 years that he lived there, he came to town less and less.

Sandpoint was no stranger to crime, in spite of how small the town is. About once or twice a year, a body would turn up, whether it be some poor accident, or the victim of drunken tempers. But in late 4702 AR, the bodies really started piling up.

The local Sheriff at the time, Casp Avertin, a retired city watch officer from Magnimar, handled the case. During one month in particular, there was almost a death each day. This murderer became known as “Chopper” due to the nature of his murders. Each body was found in the same terrible state: body bearing deep cuts to the neck and torso, hands and feet severed and stacked nearby, and the eyes and tongue missing entirely, having been plucked crudely from each head. Chopper claimed 25 victims that month alone. His last victim was Sheriff Avertin himself when he came upon Chopper in an alley while he was mutilating a fresh corpse. They fought and Avertin died, but not without first landing a heavy blow to Chopper.

Belor_Hemlock.gifBelor Hemlock (a town guard at the time) found both bodies and was able to mount a search that led them to the steps at Jervis Stoot’s house. They feared that Stoot was the next victim… yet they were sorely mistaken. In his home they found the eyes and tongues of all 25 victims, placed upon a bloody altar to a vile demon lord of winged creatures and temptation whose name no one dared speak aloud. At the base of the altar was Stoot’s body, having died after plucking his own eyes and tongue out as the final offering.

The guards collapsed the entrance to the lower levels, destroyed the stair case, and burnt down the house in an effort to forget what they saw. As a precaution against the return of Stoot’s evil spirit, they burned his body on a pyre at the beach, blessed the ashes, and then scattered them.

Just as things started getting back to normal, less than a month after burning Stoot’s body, another disaster struck. Fire engulfed Sandpoint. It started at the Cathedral and spread throughout parts of the town. Afterwards it was determined that the local priest Ezakien Tobyn had burned to death in the Cathedral and the townsolk assumed his beautiful adopted daughter, Nualia, died with him.

Over the course of the next 5 years, the local businesses and homes are rebuilt, and the new cathedral is finally finished. Mayor Deverin and Father Zantus are holding a festival to put what has been deemed “The Late Unpleasantness” behind them and to consecrate the new cathedral.


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