Fí was a young, talented, half-elf sorcerer from a long bloodline of arcane scholars. Her ancestors were considered high-masters of the eldritch art of magic, and were highly respected in their small, nomadic community. Fí was passionate about using her bestowed knowledge of magic to assist others whenever possible, often helping the villagers of the small towns and camps that she visited while traveling with her family and friends.

Around the age of 20, Fí found that the arcane powers she had become so skilled in were no match in power to the control she could gain over the human males with her looks alone. The simple life she had been living, traveling around with her small community had begun to bore her.

While resting at a small camp outside the city of Magnimar, Fí’s young physique caught the attention of a wizard by the name of Kinat. The old wizard approached Fí, and after a brief conversation, instantly took note of her thirst for new knowledge and desire for greater power. Kinat offered Fí an opportunity to live with him in his large estate within the borders of Magnimar, along with access to his vast library and collection, including ancient scrolls and tomes of lost knowledge, staves and robes of notable sorcerers, and various magical trinkets and reagents.

Fí slipped away from her family’s tent one night, and met Kinat outside of the walls to Magnimar, along the banks of the Yondabakari River. As Fí approached Kinat close to the water’s edge, she noticed that he was unresponsive, and began to appear slightly translucent. Before Fí could react, she heard the voice of Kinat whisper, “An offering for you, my master”, as she was shoved from behind into the frigid river. Fí suddenly felt a strong current surround her, as an unnatural force overwhelmed her body…

A light crying was heard outside of the small farm house. When Garen opened the door, he found a small basket containing a half-elf baby wrapped in worn sheets.

Opo knew from an early age that she did not belong with the family that helped raise here on the modest farm, and while very grateful for everything she had been given, often thought about running off to the large city she could see off in the distance from the hill tops. Opo was often teased for being a half-elf by her human foster brothers and sister, and found herself preferring to be alone.

While very young, Opo fell into a well on the property, and while frantically splashing about in an attempt to keep her head above the water line, she found a strong connection to her new environment, and comfortably remained at ease of the bottom of the deep hole for half a day while Garen attempted to coordinate a rescue.

On her 15th birthday, Opo sprawled a quick goodbye note to her new family promising to return one day, and left the farm, heading towards the city on the horizon.


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